Receiptify Spotify Monthly Receipt – How to Generate ?

Spotify Monthly Receipt: Did you know that over 345 million people use Spotify monthly? As one of those users, you’ve likely found yourself curious about your listening habits. How often did you play that catchy new song or the album you can’t get enough of? Enter Receiptify, a tool that generates a ‘receipt’ of your most played tracks on Spotify. But how do you develop a Receiptify Spotify monthly receipt? Well, it’s more complicated than it may seem.

Stay tuned; this article will help you generate the Spotify monthly receipt to know more about your musical tastes.

Receiptify Spotify Monthly Receipt:

To get a grip on Receiptify Spotify receipts, you’ll need to know how they summarize your monthly music streaming activity. Receiptify is an innovative tool that generates a snapshot of your top songs or artists during a specified period. Think of it as your personalized music consumption report card. Here’s how it works: the Receiptify algorithm analyzes your Spotify account data, focusing on your listening habits. It then ranks your top tracks or artists based on the frequency of your listens.

It’s not about the time you’ve spent listening to each song but the number of times you’ve hit play. This personalized Spotify receipt gives you a unique insight into your music preferences. It’s a fun way to spot trends in your listening habits, discover your most repeated artists, or find out which songs you’ve had on repeat.

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How to Access the Receiptify Tool?

Now that you’re familiar with the workings of Receiptify let’s get you started on accessing this intriguing tool.

  • The first step to using Receiptify is visiting the website. You can do so by typing ‘Receiptify’ into your web browser and clicking on the first result. 
Receiptify Login
Receiptify Login
  • Once you’re on the site, you’ll see a user-friendly interface waiting for you.
  • Next, you must log in to your Spotify account through Receiptify. 
  • Receiptify uses Spotify’s official API to ensure the protection of your data. 
Web API Spotify for Developers
Web API Spotify for Developers
  • Click on the ‘Login with Spotify’ button and enter your Spotify credentials. It’s a quick and straightforward process.
  • After logging in, Receiptify will ask for your permission to access your Spotify data. The tool must generate your music receipt. 
  • All you need to do is click on the ‘Agree’ button. With this, you’ve successfully accessed Receiptify.
  • Now, you’re all set to explore this tool. You’ll find an array of options available on the Receiptify dashboard. 
  • It’s all at your fingertips, from generating your top tracks to viewing your favorite artists.

Enjoy taking a detailed look at your Spotify listening history with Receiptify.

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How to Generate Receiptify Spotify Monthly Receipt?

Once logged into Receiptify, generating your Spotify monthly receipt is a breeze. 

  1. First, you’ll need to connect your Spotify account to the tool, which is a simple process. 
  2. Click the ‘Connect to Spotify’ button and follow the prompts. Your Spotify credentials are needed to gain access to your listening data.
  3. Once connected, Receiptify will pull your Spotify data. You can generate a receipt based on your top tracks of the month, the past six months, or all of the time. Select ‘monthly’ to get your Spotify monthly receipt.
  4. Next, click on ‘Generate Receipt’. Receiptify will then create a receipt-style graphic of your top tracks. 
  5. Your Spotify monthly receipt will be displayed on the screen when it’s ready. Each track is listed with its corresponding artist, just like an actual receipt. 

You can download the receipt or share it on your social media platforms if you want to share it. Now, isn’t that a chic way to flaunt your music taste?

How to Get Receiptify Last Month?

If you’re looking for a rundown of your previous month’s top tracks, Receiptify has got you covered. This handy tool gives a visual snapshot of your most-played Spotify songs from the last month. So, how do you get your hands on this musical receipt? It’s pretty simple.

  • Visit the Receiptify website: Open your browser to
Receiptify Login
Receiptify Login
  • Log in with Spotify: Click the ‘Login with Spotify’ button. Don’t worry, it’s entirely safe. Receiptify will only access your listening history; you’re not granting any control over your account.
  • Choose ‘Last Month’: Once logged in, you’ll see options for ‘All Time,’ ‘Last Six Months,’ and ‘Last Month.’ Click on ‘Last Month’ to generate your musical receipt for the previous month.
  • Generate Receipt: You’ve got your Receiptify for last month. Take a stroll down memory lane, share it on socials, or use it to discover patterns in your listening habits. Enjoy your music journey with Receiptify.
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How to Share Receiptify on Social Media?

After generating your musical receipt with Receiptify, you might wonder how to share this fun snapshot of your listening habits on social media. It’s easier than you think!

  • First, make sure you have the Receiptify image saved on your device. 
  • Then, please select the social media platform where you want to share it. The process may vary slightly depending on the forum, but the general steps are similar.
  • On Instagram, tap the ‘+’ icon at the bottom, select the Receiptify image, and tap ‘Next’. You can edit the image if you want, then tap ‘Next’ again, write your caption, and hit ‘Share.’
  • For Twitter, click the ‘Tweet’ button, add your image and caption, and then hit ‘Tweet’.
  • On Facebook, click ‘Photo/Video,’ choose the Receiptify image, add a caption, and hit ‘Post.’ Remember to adjust the privacy settings according to who you want to see your post.

Why is Receiptify Not Working?

While sharing your Receiptify image on social media can be a breeze, you might run into problems where Receiptify seems to need fixing. But don’t fret; you’re not alone. There could be a few reasons why you’re encountering this issue.

  • Spotify API Issues: Sometimes, the problem isn’t with Receiptify but with Spotify’s API. Spotify’s API is what allows Receiptify to access your listening data. If there’s an issue with the API, Receiptify won’t work. Try checking Spotify’s status on their website or Twitter to see if they’re having any problems.
  • Privacy Settings: If your Spotify account is private, Receiptify won’t be able to access your data. To fix this, you must change your Spotify settings to public. It can be done in the settings section of your Spotify account.
  • Server Overload: If many people try to use Receiptify simultaneously, the server may become overloaded and stop working. In this case, you can only wait for the server to become less busy.

Does Receiptify have an app?

You might be wondering, ‘Does Receiptify have an app?’ The short answer is no. Receiptify is a web-based tool, which means you can access it directly from your browser on any device. You don’t need to download or install anything to use Receiptify. Because it’s web-based, Receiptify is always up-to-date. It’s always ready to generate your Spotify monthly receipt whenever needed.

Additionally, not having an app means Receiptify is compatible with any device with an internet browser. Whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can still use Receiptify. It’s not limited by operating system or device type.


1. Can I Customize the Look of Spotify Monthly Receipt?

Ans: Receiptify doesn’t offer extensive customization options like colour changes or different receipt templates.

Is There a Fee Associated With Using the Receiptify Tool for Spotify?

Ans: No fee is associated with using Receiptify for Spotify. It’s a free tool. 

3. Is it possible to generate a Receiptify Receipt for a Specific Playlist on Spotify?

Ans: Yes, it’s possible. You can generate a Receiptify receipt for a specific playlist on Spotify. 

4. Are There Any Alternatives to Receiptify for Generating Spotify Receipts?

Ans: Yes, there are alternatives to Receiptify for Spotify receipts. Last.FM’s Scrobbler is one option. 

5. Does Receiptify Work With Other Music Streaming Platforms, Like Apple Music or Tidal?

Ans: Receiptify doesn’t work with other music streaming platforms like Apple Music or Tidal. It’s designed explicitly for Spotify. 


Finally, now you know how to generate Spotify monthly receipt & Receiptify last month on Receiptify. It’s fun to share your top tunes and discover new music. If you encounter issues, remember it’s not an official Spotify tool and may have occasional glitches. It is a handy, user-friendly tool that doesn’t require an app. So get started, create your monthly receipt, and let the world know your excellent music taste!

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