How to Get Receiptify Top Artists list [NEW]

Receiptify Top Artists: Did you know that 40% of Spotify users like to share their top artists and songs with others? It’s something you’ve likely seen on social media, a trend that’s become even more popular with the feature of Receiptify. This platform creates a ‘receipt’ of your most listened-to music on Spotify, offering an engaging way to share your taste. Now, you might be wondering how to get your Receiptify top artists. This post will help you understand how to get Receiptify top artists, how to get Receiptify last month, and even more, how these rankings are calculated.

What is Receiptify?

Receiptify is an online tool that allows you to generate a Spotify track list as a shopping receipt. Think of it as a fun and aesthetic way to display your music tastes. You’ve probably seen these quirky little receipts on your social media feeds. They’re often shared by music enthusiasts who fancy a unique way to exhibit their top tracks or artists. 

Receiptify pulls data from your Spotify account, precisely your ‘Top Tracks’ or ‘Top Artists,’ and neatly arranges them in a thermal paper receipt style. But it’s not just for show. Receiptify could also be an excellent tool for personal reflection. You can see what songs or artists you’ve been hooked on for the past week, month, or year. Tracking your music journey and even rediscovering some old favorites is fun.

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How to Get Receiptify Top Artists Lists?

Now that we’ve covered Receiptify let’s learn how to generate your Top Artists list with this unique tool.

  1. First things first, you’ll need to visit the Receiptify website. 
  2. Once there, you’ll find a “Log in With Spotify” button. Click on it. 
  3. You’ll then be directed to log in to your Spotify account. Please don’t fret; it’s safe, and your login credentials won’t be stored.
  4. After logging in, you’ll be asked to choose the timeframe for your Top Artists list. 
  5. You can select from four options: last four weeks, six months, or all time. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
  6. Next, click on ‘Generate’. Receiptify will create a personalized receipt showcasing your top artists during the selected timeframe. 
  7. This receipt will be displayed on the screen, ready for you to share on your social media accounts or save for your records.
  8. You’ve got your own Receiptify Top Artists list. It’s an easy and fun way to track your music preferences visually. 
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How Does Receiptify Calculate Top Artists?

Have you ever wondered how Receiptify determines your top artists? It’s a pretty straightforward process. Receiptify pulls your listening data directly from Spotify and analyzes how many times you’ve streamed each artist to calculate your top favorites.

It then analyses your listening habits over set periods – last month, last six months, or your records. Your ‘Top Artists’ list is generated based on the number of times you’ve played an artist’s songs. The more you listen to a specific artist, the higher they’ll rank on your Receiptify list.

It’s important to note that Receiptify doesn’t count individual song plays but rather the total time spent listening to a particular artist. Receiptify calculation is unbiased and solely based on your Spotify listening data, reflecting your actual taste in music. 

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How to get a Spotify receipt of your most-played songs

Getting a Spotify receipt of your most played songs with Receiptify is a simple, straightforward process. This tool helps you create a list of your favorite tracks based on your Spotify usage, similar to a shopping receipt. You’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the Receiptify website.
  • Click on the ‘Login with Spotify’ button.
  • Grant the necessary permissions.
  • Once logged in, you’ll see options to generate receipts.
  • Choose ‘Top Tracks’ to list your most played songs.

Remember, the songs on your receipt are calculated based on your listening habits over the last four weeks, six months, or all-time, depending on your preference. Remember, Receiptify only uses your public Spotify data and doesn’t store personal information.

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What does the artist amount mean on Receiptify?

While exploring your most played tracks on Receiptify, you might’ve noticed something called ‘artist amount.’ This term may initially seem confusing, but don’t worry; it’s pretty simple.

  • ‘Artist amount’ refers to the number of individual artists you’ve listened to within a specific period.
  • For example, if you’ve heard songs from 20 artists over the past month, your ‘artist amount’ would be 20. 
  • It reflects your musical diversity, showing how many artists contribute to your unique listening experience.

However, it’s important to note that ‘artist amount’ doesn’t reflect the number of times you’ve listened to each artist. Even if you’ve played a particular artist’s songs 100 times and another’s only once, they both count as one in your ‘artist amount.’

How to Get Receiptify Spotify Receipt for Last Month

If you were curious about your most-listened-to artists last month, let’s dive into how you can quickly get your Receiptify Spotify receipt. You’ll need a Spotify account and access to the Receiptify website. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Go to the Receiptify website.
  • Click on the ‘Login with Spotify’ button. It will redirect you to the Spotify website.
Login Spotify
Login Spotify
  • Log in with your Spotify credentials.
  • Once you’re logged in, you’ll be redirected back to Receiptify.
  • Choose the ‘Last Month’ option.
  • You can tweak the information displayed on your receipt by doing the following:
  • Click on the ‘Artist Amount’ option.
  • You can select the number of artists you want to display. The options range from 5 to 50.
  • Click on the ‘Generate’ button. Now, Your receipt for last month’s most-played artists is ready.
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1. Can I Use Receiptify Without a Spotify Account?

Ans: No, you can’t use Receiptify without a Spotify account. 

2. Is Receiptify Available for Use With Other Music Streaming Platforms, Such as Amazon Music or Tidal?

Ans: No. Receiptify currently only works with Spotify. It doesn’t support other music streaming platforms like Amazon Music or Tidal. 

3. How Secure Is Receiptify?

Ans: Receiptify is entirely secure. It doesn’t share your Spotify data with third parties. 

4. Can I Customize My Receiptify List to Include More or Fewer Receiptify Top Artists?

Ans: Yes, you can customize your Receiptify list. It’s possible to adjust the number of top artists shown. 

5. Is There a Mobile Application for Receiptify, or Is It Only Accessible via a Web Browser?

Ans: There is no Mobile application for Receiptify. It is an online tool.


In Conclusion, now you know how to get the Receiptify top artist’s Receipt list. Also, you understand how it calculates your top artists and even how to get a Spotify receipt of your most played songs. You’ve also learned what the artist amount means on Receiptify. You can quickly get your Receiptify Spotify receipt for the last month using these steps.

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